Google translations of “perkeleen vittupää” (and back again)

Quoting Linus:

There aren’t enough swear-words in the English language, so now I’ll
have to call you perkeleen vittupää just to express my disgust and
frustration with this crap.

So, what’s the best translation of this phrase into English?  I’m not sure I trust Google (since “fucking motherfucker” doesn’t translate right back to “perkeleen vittupää” I suspect the translation is imperfect or hard to express)  To that end, I’ve translated the phrase to several languages, and then back to english for comparison:


Language Result Back to English
English (direct) fucking motherfucker N/A
French putain de connard fucking asshole
Spanish maldito hijo de puta you son of a bitch
German verdammte Wichser fucking wanker
Italian fottuto figlio di puttana fucking son of a bitch
Chinese (Traditional) 他媽的混蛋 Fucking asshole
Korean 빌어 먹을 새끼 Fucking chicks

3 thoughts on “Google translations of “perkeleen vittupää” (and back again)”

  1. Welllllll…… the v—u word is used as liberally and with similar variety as the f-bomb but the literal meaning is of the feminine anatomy variety. Pää means head. I think meaningwise the French and Chinese come closest to the sentiment. The word “perkele” is one of the many pet names for the horned guy and one of the most pure and strong swearwords in Finnish. Using it describes that you are very angry, upset and frustrated at the turn of events. So when a v—upää is described as belonging to perkele, as it the literal translation, it implies that this is a remarkably bad (in the purest sense of bad; not bad as in inferior or poorly executed but bad as in evil, malicious) type of asshole, at least by their conduct.

    Who are they talking about, btw?

    And although Linus is a swedish speaking Finn, the swedish-speaking population do recognize the superiority of the Finnish terminology when it comes to notifying others of your displeasure.

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