Supercharge your bash prompt with git status goodness.

Here’s a thought:

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your bash prompt could show you:

  • Your current working directory.
  • Which git repository you’re currently in.
  • Which git branch you’re currently on (if not master).
  • How many outstanding files you have (files that need to be added or committed).
  • How many changes ahead (or behind) origin/HEAD you currently are.
  • Your current virtualenv (for Python development, but doesn’t hurt other languages)

Well, all this is possible (and more, probably!).  I worked a bit on getting all these features working this afternoon.  The source code is pretty rough, but I think this could be useful enough for others that I should start to share it.  I’ll likely put this in it’s own github repository eventually.  But, for now, here’s a simple gist with my ~/.bash_prompt source.

To use this, just copy it to your home directory, and add the following to the bottom of your ~/.bashrc:

source ~/.bash_prompt

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