Vertical scrolling fix for Lenovo S10 (Ubuntu)

So, the Lenovo S10 works great with Linux, particularly Ubuntu 8.10, but the one thing thats a bit wonky is the way the trackpad works.  The trackpad is non-square, but reports square coodinates, so the vertical motion is exaggerated.

I’ve compiled a hacked version of the X11 Synaptics driver that includes a fudge factor for the Y component.  It does hw.y *= 0.6 internally, and this pretty much compensates for the incorrect coordinates.

Here’s a link to a modified replacement Ubuntu .deb package.

Just download that file, and then run:

dpkg –install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics_0.15.2-0ubuntu7_i386.deb

And you should be good to go.  If/when the Ubuntu maintainers publish a new or upgraded version of this package, this version will be overwritten, so you’ll be SOL.  So, be careful with those autoupgrades!

In other news, there are patches underway to do this in a more configurable way, and its possible that future versions of the Synaptics driver will include the ability to adjust the vertical sensitivity.

14 thoughts on “Vertical scrolling fix for Lenovo S10 (Ubuntu)”

  1. Hmm… when I try to install it using the package installer, it says:
    “Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libxi6”

    Says something similar when I try to install using terminal too.

  2. DPKG for Jaunty alpha 3 doesn’t install the patched version, Stacy – reports conflict with installed 0.15.2-0ubuntu8 version in jaunty 🙁

  3. please share source code of patch (better) for this deb.
    i have lenovo s10 but i am using archlinux on it, so i can’t use you deb package becouse of xorg version mismatch 🙁

  4. Hi, I’d like to know where the changes are made at the very least. Think also of the fact that the GPL demands the source code to be available! for future reference, best of wishes, and thanks for supplying us with the fix to start with, makes life a little easier.

  5. Hey thanks a bunch it worked great! I’ve been using Ubuntu with the weird mouse coordinates for so long that I was almost used to them being that way but this is a huge help. Good work!

  6. Jon, the problem has now been solved with Jaunty. You have only to tweak the speed, but you can do it by modifying the xorg.conf file.

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