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Through some odd serendipity, I stumbled across a website for a cool Gimp plugin called "Resynthesizer" that does some algorithmic texture processing and generation. The cool part is that it has some Gimp script-fu (yes, thats the proper name) to remove and synthesize portions of images. So, if you've got an image with some dust, scratches, or just some crap that you don't want to have in the picture, it will automatically remove it for you, with almost zero pain. Its really really cool. Here are some examples.

Here's the original image. We're going to be removing the tent in the middle using Resynthesizer.

In this shot, we have roughly selected the tent using the lasso.

In the next shot, we have run Script-Fu->Enhance->Smart Remove Selection, and you can see that the tent is now gone

Here is the newly patched image. If you didn't know the tent was there before, you'd never guess that it was automatically removed.

Isn't that amazing? There are all sorts of other texture-manipulation tasks that you can do, including a really cool version of "make seamless" that synthesizes a seamless texture from scratch. Its wicked.

Here's a tight crop from the full size image:

Now, we run Filters->Map->Resynthesize on it, select the tiling options, and we get the following tilable image:

Wow! Give it a try!

6 thoughts on “Cool image processing”

  1. Hello,

    For a week I’ve been trying to use this resynthesizer but there’s something wrong.

    1 – I’m using the windows 0.13 version, found on with gimp 2.2.10. I tried with 0.12, same bug.

    2 – My problem :
    Instead of doing what you show it will fill my selection with random patches of the hill and of the sky !

    Do you know where I could find some help on using this plug-in ? Is there any other plugin that is required for this one to work OK ?



  2. Hello,

    I had the same problem as Jean-Pierre. Right now for Windows the solution is to use an even older version of the plugin (0.10) : Compiled Windows version: (thanks to Michael Schumacher)
    Unfortunately this version of the plugin is unbelievable and painfully slow.

  3. as a Photoshop zone geek from PS4 onwards I have to say: Look Look Clone Stamp! *points* sorry but it isnt perfect.. it does speed things up a bit though and we all need that (BTW I have same reservations to a lesser extent about Photoshop CS5)

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